The Fatty to Fitty Diaries…

Okay so before I get started, the title of these posts is done in jest…. I’m not a fatty but I’m not a fitty either (lets be honest I probably will never be classed as a ‘fitty’ ever in my life).

Smoothie Ingredients (that’s kale not cabbage)

Let me give you a bit of background about my health and fitness journey. I used to be pretty fit. Not like Olympic athlete fit, but I’d run a couple of 5k’s a week, lift some weights and drink my fair share of protein smoothies. However I’ve never been at the point where my love of fitness, outshines my love of pizza and to be honest I don’t think I will ever be that girl. Which is fine. Guys have you seen Em Sheldon’s bod? She regularly documents her love of pizza, balance and the gym. Serious #goals.

Anyway where was I before I started girl crushing out…. So the last few months, I’ve been a bit of a lazy bum. Which also means for me I’m suffering. When I exercise and eat well, I feel so much better. I’m a different person when I’m fit and healthy, I’m nicer and smilier and just generally more lovely to everyone in my life. That’s even without the added benefits such as weight loss, brighter skin and more energy.

Gym ready….

My aim to document my journey on my blog. Every week (or so, lets not get too committed to each other just yet), write a post on the highs, the lows and my progress. I’m not aiming to write about macro’s or kilo’s lifted but something a bit more light hearted and fun.

What are your health and fitness tips?

Daisy ♥


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