Easy Like a Sunday Morning



Ah Sunday mornings….you are a thing of beauty. My life is all go go go, so when I have the chance to sit down for a few hours on a Sunday, it’s a thing of bliss. It’s also something that being the Type A crazy person I am, like to have some kind of plan. Now I’m not talking a minute by minute schedule here… but I like to line up some tv, buy some nice breakfast and make sure there’s plenty of milk in the fridge. Let me take you through some of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday morn…

Lets get down to the food first of all. I love breakfast, it’s easily my favourite meal of the day especially when I have the time to enjoy it. I’m not a fan of big greasy fry ups, and I definitely prefer eggs and avocado, maybe with some crispy bacon. Hmmm bacon. Give me a caramel latte on the side and I’m in my own breakfast heaven.


I’m terrible for buying magazines, especially as I never really have much time to read them. I love to sit with a blanket, a cuppa and just sink into a magazine. Beauty, fashion, food and fitness. Everything I love all glossed up with samples of stuff stuck to pages. Yep I know, I’m the person that uses the magazine samples. Sue me.


Trashy tv time! While I love Game of Thrones or a good documentary (I watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix last night, did she do it? I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it for a few days yet), I’m also a lover of trashy telly. Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea and Ex on the Beach are some of my favourites. I love sitting down and watching the drama unfold. I don’t care if it’s set up or the people are the complete opposite to anything I’ve ever come across before. It’s a guilty delight!

Catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Which unfortunately makes my shopping list grow but there’s nothing like sitting down in your duvet and reading all the latest posts from a week.


To name some of my favourites;

Wonderful You – I love Meg’s blog. I get caught up in the amazing layout, her serious style and her heartbreaking honesty. In my eyes this girl can do no wrong. She’s not afraid to admit that things don’t always go the way they should and sometimes her posts bring a tear to my eye. She’s a real girls girl and is always boosting others rather than bringing them down.

Em Talks – If I’m not swooning over Em’s amazing figure, I’m swooning over the pics of her food! This girl is all about the balance and she looks amazing for it!

In the Frow – Victoria’s blog just oozes style. Simple yet classic, this girl always looks amazing.

The Sunday Girl – Adrienne is all about content. Her blog is all about the product and I really trust her opinions. Reading The Sunday Girl usually adds a few delights to my wish list!

How do you like to relax on a lazy day?



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