Fatty to Fitty Diaries…Week One

So week one, how have you been? In a word? Painful. My body has really been put through the mill and oh man oh man, how I ache. Which I guess means I’m working hard and the benefits should come reaping in any day now. Or something.

I managed to lose a grand total of 1lb this week which I’m quite pleased with. I’ve been steadily losing weight for a while now so I wasn’t expecting anything too dramatic.

This week I’ve been really trying to focus on the positives of being fit and healthy. Whilst the physical benefits are a bonus for sure, I think there are other things that seem to happen while you are being fit and healthy which aren’t something you ever really consider at the start of your journey but after a while become the most important thing.


I used to love to run. Every Sunday morning, I’d drive somewhere pretty and run. It wasn’t about times or beating anyone. It was literally having some time for me, feet pounding the pavement and enjoying being active. My mind was so clear by the time I was finished and it was the perfect way for me to spend a Sunday morning.


So this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to try and keep my focus on. How amazing this journey makes me feel. Being strong and healthy. Being able to run, move, breathe. Be outside, get that post workout high. Really enjoy some healthy delicious food.

What do you guys like to do to make you feel good?




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