The Fatty to Fitty Diaries…Slimming World

Spinach Cannalloni

There are a million and one diets \ healthy eating plans \ ways to starve yourself out there. It comes from every angle that the latest fad or trend is what we need to be doing to get the best ever body. Low fat, high fat, low carb, no carb, shakes, smoothies…the list is never ending. Me? I don’t believe in deprivation, I would never live off shakes and bars, and I would certainly never go hungry. No chance.

Healthy Extra Porridge & 3 Syn Latte

You don’t need to starve to lose weight, you just need to find what works for you. For me, it’s Slimming World. Not only is it easy to stick to (I never feel like I’m dieting), I also really enjoy it. I still have to be careful about what I eat. I can’t eat loads of carbs for three meals everyday and lose weight but I’m never living off lettuce either. The pictures in this post are just some of the options I have made and enjoyed over the last few weeks.

Jacket Potato with Beans & Cheese!

Let me give you some history. First time I did Slimming World, it really opened my eyes up to a whole new way of eating. I would live off jars of sauce, ready meals and far too much white bread. I thought I was being healthy. I started to cook everything from scratch. Homemade curries, pasta sauces and Sunday dinners. They were delicious and the weight just came off. It took me six months to drop from a size 12 to a size 8. I never starved or missed out. I just made better choices and of course I had the odd treat and meal off plan.I felt bloody fantastic. There is no better feeling than going shopping and not hating on your body.

Pea & Ham Soup

So lets talk about what a typical day for me is on Slimming World. I’ll usually start the day with either porridge or a yoghurt and cereal bar. Mid morning snack is lots of lovely fruit. Lunch is either a salad or soup (homemade. It’s so easy and delicious to make homemade soup). I always have to have carbs for dinner. Spag bol, chilli, steak and chips. Yummy.

Beef Chilli

What I will say is that I never twisted the rules of Slimming World. Yes there are lots of free foods to eat but I always made sure they were part of a meal and I kept snacks to fruit or veg. I always ate plenty and my meals were always a decent portion (I love to eat). It’s definitely a plan to try if you love your food (like me). Remember losing weight isn’t about eating less, it’s about eating better and moving more.

Pineapple & Fruit Infused Water

If you’d like to try Slimming World and you’re not sure if it’s for you, they always have lots of recipes and seven day menus to try on their website.

Have any of you guys tried Slimming World? What are your top tips for losing weight?


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