L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo Gentle Cleansing Cream


How’s that for a product name mouthful? When I saw this peeking at me from the shelves at Boots, I will admit I was curious straight away. The idea of this shampoo is you use it instead of your regular shampoo and conditioner routine once or twice a week. There’s no foam (have I put enough on, will my hair be clean?!?!) or sulphates and it’s designed to be gentle on the hair.

I try and take the best care of my hair I can, within my styling routine. By that I mean I still curl it, straighten it and dry it with hot air. However I make sure it gets lots of lovely treatments, always has heat protector on and I don’t wash it unless I need to. Surprisingly since I got bangs cut in, this is less often (about every three days if I don’t go to the gym).

However it’s still a bit dry, not like straw but I’m always on the look out for something new. In the past I have really liked cleansing shampoo’s, they take away all the product and I always feel they leave your hair feeling it’s natural best.


So what about the L’Oreal offering? I washed my hair and left in on for the recommended three minutes then rinsed. It smells nice and my hair felt soft under the shower. So far, so good. Can I just ask is it me or is nice smelling shampoo really under rated? Seriously I love getting a whiff of my lovely smelling hair throughout the day. Just me then??

Anyway, where was I? Okay so the problem came when I tried to brush my wet hair. I HATE pulling on wet hair, I can just imagine breaking off into a million pieces. My hair was literally tangled into oblivion. It took me so, so long to get it into a manageable state without snapping it into a million pieces, even with my trusty Tangleteezer.

Once I sorted out my beehive and styled my hair it did feel quite soft. No softer though than using any of my other shampoo favourites and with them I don’t need to potentially snap off half my hair.

I tried the shampoo on a second occasion, this time carefully brushes my hair before my shower and combing the shampoo through whilst still in my hair. I’m afraid this made no difference, my hair still tangled and fragile.

Sorry L’Oreal, this is a big thumbs down from me. In fact, you’ve gone in the bin.

Have you guys tried a cleansing shampoo? What are your thoughts?


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