Caudalie Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil


I’m a makeup lover and I never really feel myself unless I’m wearing a bit of something on my mug. Does that make me vain? Probably but I love the pretty stuff on my face. Whilst I’m never quite me unless I’m wearing some makeup during the day, I can’t stand going to bed with it still on my face. Those mornings after one too many cocktails and you fall into bed? Ugh I can’t stand the next morning, that feeling of glug on your face, it must come off.


When you get to my age (cough, 31, cough), a proper skincare routine is a absolute must (for me anyway) and the basis of that routine is getting my makeup off. I’m all about the double cleanse as preached about by Queen Hirons and this little beaut has become a favourite in the first step of the double.

Its easy to massage into the skin, lifting the makeup off with it. Yes even the dreaded waterproof mascara. I apply this to dry skin and massage in with my finger tips before removing with a face cloth. In short (here we go again), it does exactly what it says on the tin. Makeup remover. It’s none drying and has a lovely hint of grape (not overpowering I promise). Guys it’s a win for me.

You can pick this up here and costs £18 for 100ml and a little goes a long way.


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