The £1 Eyebrow Pencil I Love

MUA Brow Pencil

I am lucky that I am mostly blessed with full, thick brows and only really need a bit of tidying everyday and filling in on the ends to really complete the shape. Saying that though, they’re the one part of my routine that I feel naked without. Randomly somedays I’ll forget to fill them in, look at what I think is my ‘finished face’ in the mirror and be amazed how much different I look without that final touch.

I would be lying if I said I don’t own a brow product or two and I will admit I will constantly flick between them. That said, I always come back to one product and I’m always amazed I forgot how good it really is. Enter MUA’s brow pencil that costs a whole £1. Yep that’s right, £1.


Now I’m not claiming this is the best brow product you’ll ever use but for £1, it’s probably not far off. Let me tell you why it’s so good. First of all, the little brush on the end of the pencil. There’s a lot of bristles packed in that small comb and it certainly tidies up my brows just as well as my Real Techniques brush. Did I mention it only costs £1?


I love, love, love the formula of the pencil. It’s pigmented so you need to use a light hand, unless of course you’re going for the Scouse brow look. It’s also quite waxy but not the type of waxy that will make your brows look like you filled them in with felt tip pen. I can’t stress enough guys, use a light hand.


For the price, I’d really recommend next time you’re in Superdrug to pick one of these up and give it a go. Or you can pick one up here.

Have you tried anything from MUA? What are your thoughts?

Daisy ♥


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanna says:

    Wish we had Superdrug or at least this brand of product here! This sounds like a great product for its humble price. 😀


    1. Daisy Pies says:

      For a £1, it’s a really good product!

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