Autograph All in One Nail Polish with Argan Oil

Autograph All in One Nail Colour

There’s not much I love more than a festive nail. Any excuse for glitter, sparkle, foil effect… I’m all over it. When I opened my Marks & Spencer advent calendar to this gorgeous polish, I was more than a little excited!!!


Cranberry with a slight shimmer is the perfect Christmas shade. Not normally a colour I would wear, it’s just a little too much but I’m a firm believer if you’re going to have a bit too much of anything, Christmas is the time to do it. Calories, wine, bread, tinsel… load it up!!!

The finish of this polish is just Christmas heaven, it almost has a foil appearance, it’s just beautiful. Like I previously said, this isn’t normally a colour I would reach for as it’s perhaps a bit much for me but I can’t imagine I’ll be wearing much else until the end of the festivities.


So lets talk about the serious stuff. Big selling point of this nail polish it is that it’s an all in one formula meaning there’s no need to apply a base coat and a top coat. ‘Regular’ nail polish doesn’t really tend to last on my nails and I usually opt for gel because I cannot be bothered painting them every few days. I’d say this nail varnish is probably lasting as well as a Nails Inc or OPI on my nails as it’s lasted about two days before it’s chipped. The brush is great, allowing me fantastic control and able to apply the polish neatly to my nails.

To be honest, this is probably my nails rather than the quality of the polish and I’d say for £6, I’d definitely pick another shade of this up.

Have you guys tried any Autograph makeup? What did you think?


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