EyeKo Skinny Liquid Liner

eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner

The one beauty trick I wish I could master would be winged liner, there is just something so polished about it. I have attempted many a time, usually when I’m getting ready for a night out (not the best time to practice).


Enter the Skinny Liquid Liner by eyeko. Can I just say how much I love this liner?? Trust me I have tried more than my fair share for sure!!! It’s black, black instead of that weird grey black colour I often think a lot of liquid liners are. This liner isn’t budging, once dry it didn’t fade or smudge and lasted all day. Just what you need for the busy party season.

My favourite thing about this liner? Depending on the pressure you apply, depends on the thickness of the line. Apply more pressure, the line gets thicker.

More pressure = thicker line.

I may not be a pro at perfecting winged liner just yet but I think I’m closer than I have been before and practise makes perfect right??

Can you do a winged liner? What are your top tips?

Daisy ♥



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    1. Daisy Pies says:

      It’s fantastic isn’t it??

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